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Benefits Of Infant Massage

Infant massage has numerous benefits, including improved bonding between parent and baby, reduced stress and crying, better sleep patterns, and improved digestion. It can also help with neurological development and enhance the immune system.

Massaging your baby is a wonderful and loving way to begin a lifelong relationship

The growth in popularity for infant massage instruction is due to positive research outcomes, our changing lifestyles, and a desire by parents to provide better care for their infants. Massaging babies provides an important source of stimulation involving the sensation of touch and this stimulation promotes development and well-being as early psychological and sensory input is vital in facilitating an infant’s development.

Infant massage promotes bonding, growth, and much more

Infant massage encourages bonding through eye-to-eye contact, smiling, soothing vocal sounds, loving touch, caressing, and mutual interaction. Studies show that bonding increases a parent’s feeling of attachment as well as their desire to nurture and care for their infant.

Massage has many other physical and emotional benefits for your baby.

These benefits include:

  • Promoting social, emotional, and cognitive development

  • Helping a baby relax and release tensions of daily stimuli

  • Decreasing irritability and excessive crying

  • Reducing gas, colic, and intestinal difficulties

  • Regulating behavioral states and promoting sleep

A Note About Infant Massage

There’s no denying that some of these benefits are pretty amazing, but take your child’s lead. If he/she doesn’t like the massage, just stop for now; you can try again when baby is less fussy. The most important thing to do is keep it really simple baby massage doesn’t have to be perfectly executed to be effective. Just be safe, have fun, and enjoy bonding with baby!


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